Strupficka, ny forskning pågår för att hitta DNA-markörer

Strupficka, eller Megaesophagus, har drabbat några Silken Windhounds, även i Europa. Så vi vet att vi har det i rasen.

Man misstänker att det är recessivt anlag. Nu pågår forskning för att ta fram DNA-markörer för detta anlag så att vi så småningom kan testa avelshundarna och därmed undvika att få valpar som utvecklar strupficka.
Strupficka är tragiskt och leder ofta till att hunden måste avlivas. Man kan ofta se redan hos små valpar att dom kräks upp modersmjölken, en del blir bättre när dom växer upp och kan leva ett drägligt liv, andra får sluta sina dagar.

Om din hund har diagnosen strupficka/Megaesophagus från veterinär, då kan du delta i forskningen genom att skicka DNA-prov från din hund.
OBS! I det här läget är dom inte intresserade av hundar som är besläktade med drabbade hundar, dom vill endast ha prover från hundar som själva har strupficka.

Research, Clemson U. — Call for DNA Cheek Swab Samples STAT

Please feel free to crosspost and please note that this is no longer a/v only to Americans, it can be worldwide
Pam Legault

I double checked on two aspects w/ Dr. Leigh Ann. The following changes are in effect:

1) Send a request via email to:
— include your name, your ship to address, your dog’s age, & breed, age of onset of symptoms & age @ dx.

2) She will mail a kit out to you via snail mail, to be returned by you via snail mail. You will not need to go to your DVM.

3) She is able to accept (because they are cheek swabs), swabs from anywhere in the world!

Leigh Anne Clark, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
100 Jordan Hall
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0318

The above is important for the following reasons:

1) Request for cheek swabs — more samples needed/requested. Following parameters only apply: the dog must have been diagnosed at the age of one or before.

2) ANY BREED may be submitted. Focus is still on GSD as that is the initial grant parameter. IE more GSD samples are still needed. However, ”we” are going to start looking at the other breeds.

3) The coffers have run dry. SNP research is expensive. The cheek swabs will cost you virtually nothing. Please visit your vet, explain what the purpose is, and chances are strong they will be sent free of charge or minimal expense. Please take that savings and send it to Leigh Anne at the address above. If you can send more, please do so. I will be sending a nominal monthly donation. It will take all of us working together to move forward. Stop-starts due to coffers running dry are to be avoided … even if you can only spare a one time small donation, please do it today.

Why this is important.

Being able to map the genes involved will ultimately lead to the ability to develop a test so that breeders can know before breeding which sire and dams are carriers or if they are in fact clear.
Please Note: Leigh Anne runs a tight ship out of necessity (expense). Thus, please know that no direct results will be made available. Your affected dog,,, and you,,, can play a huge part in the advancement of this scientific endeavor to (eventually) eliminate this insideous disorder. That’s a feel good for you and a win-win-win for everyONE!

Should you have any questions, please contact me. Anyone can donate. A thank you note to Leigh Anne along with your check will make her day.
I highly respect and appreciate all that she has endeavored thus far and bet you do as well.

Permission to cross-post, and encouraged. There are twenty-six known affected breeds, so should you belong to other breed lists, please share this info with all.

Please also share with your breeders in case they too know of other affecteds in their line to which you may not have knowledge.

— Your DVM will know how to take the cheek swabs. Minimum three (3).

Peg McIntyre

Founder, cmERp (canine megaesophagus Education & Research project)

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