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Silken Windhounds in Action – ny blog!

Nu finns en ny blog som heter Silken Windhounds in Action.
Den kommer att rapportera om Silken Windhounds i Lure Coursing, Oval Racing och Straight Racing.

I den mittersta kolumnen i den här bloggen hittar du alltid de 2 senaste inläggen från den bloggen under rubriken Silken Windhounds in action.
Rubrikerna är klickbara och tar dig direkt till actionbloggen.

Silken Windhound Oval Racing har fått egen sajt

Även om Silken Windhounds har tävlat i flera år i Oval Racing inom Notra, så var det dags att starta ett eget program för Oval Racing i ISWS (International Silken Windhound Society) regi.Man startade i november 2008 och har hittills 2 färdiga champions.

Varje sport har sina egna regler och det är mycket regler, formulär som ska fyllas i och inrapporteras för att registrera resultat m m.
Därför finns nu en sajt speciellt för Silken Windhound Oval Racing där all nödvändig information skall finnas, där redovisas också resultat o statistik m m.

Sajten är gjord hos Weebly och om ni som jag använder Firefox så ser det lite konstigt ut. Den ser helt enkelt bättre  ut i Explorer…

Första tävlingen i oval racing för Silken Windhounds

Our first ISWS oval race meet was held Sunday in Northern California
under sunny skies. We had nine entries and exciting racing all day.
It’s a nice change to be able to see the progress of the race instead
of seeing only the dogs’ hind ends as they leave the boxes or their
fronts as they arrive at the finish line — the only views most of us
get during straight racing.

All the dogs were FTE’s, and all except Isis were straight racing
champions which gave us confidence that they would be keen on the lure
and not be confused by the different track design.

We ran ungraded races instead of using the WAVE’s from sprint racing,
so the first program was an entirely random draw. The second and
third programs rotated racers based upon their scores for the day —
just the same as a regular meet.

Audrey’s You Tube video of the third program are greatly appreciated
and Rick Steele took tons of pictures which will be posted later.
Check out Audrey’s video and you can see Tara zipping by Gideon and
Sazi at the finish of the first race in program three; the second race
has Isis pulling out all the stops to sail by Helios at the finish;
the third and final race of the day has Teddy in the lead, Djinn
second and a tie between Shadow and Phoenix. We were just
congratulating ourselves on a meet with no problems when the race
secretary headed our way with the ominous papers in her hand. It took
the wind out of our sails when we found Djinn had been disqualified
for fouling Phoenix in the final race. That dropped Djinn from second
place to seventh place and moved Shadow and Phoenix up to a tie for
second. Teddy earned 3 National and 3 Championship points and Shadow
and Phoenix each earned 1 National and 1 Championship point.

The dogs are still learning how to negotiate the turns without slowing
down. I don’t know if any of them saw the value of rail running
yesterday, but that will come for many of them.

Here is the scoring for the day:

RCRA 11/30/2008 Elk Grove, CA ISWS Oval Track Racing

9 Silken Windhound Entries
Ungraded Races

1 SW-01 Teddy Talisman’s Ursa Major Campbell/Chin 21 meet points;
earned 3 Nat’l (NOTRC) & 3 Ch (OTRC) points and one leg each on the
intermediate titles of SJOR and SSOR*
2 SW-02 Phoenix Talisman’s Phoenix Fire Campbell 12 meet points;
earned 1 Nat’l & 1 Ch point and one leg each on the SJOR and SSOR
3 SW-15 Shadow Allagante Evening Wind Godfrey 12meet points; earned 1
Nat’l & 1 Ch point and one leg each on the SJOR and SSOR
4 SW-14 Isis Elessar Belle Isis Silvestri 11 meet points; earned one
leg each on the SJOR and SSOR
5 SW-06 Helios Talisman’s Light of Helios Chin 10 meet points; earned
one leg on the SJOR
6 SW-08 Tara Talisman of Tarazed Steele 10 meet points; earned one leg
on the SJOR
7 SW-07 Gideon Allagante Lunar Talisman Chin 8meet points; earned one
leg on the SJOR
8 SW-09 Djinn Scirocco’s Blue Djinn Steele 8 meet points; DQ/3
9 SW-05 Sazi Talisman’s Anasazi Sunrise Chin 6 meet points; earned one
leg on the SJOR

Race by Race results:

Program 1 Race 1: Teddy (5), Djinn (3), Gideon (2)
Program 1 Race 2: Shadow (5), Isis (3), Helios (2)
Program 1 Race 3: Tara (5), Phoenix (3), Sazi (2)

Program 2 Race 1: Helios (5/7), Gideon (3/5), Sazi (2/4)
Program 2 Race 2 Djinn (5/8), Isis (3/6)
Program 2 Race 3 Teddy (8/13), Phoenix (5/8), Shadow (3/8), Tara (0/5)

Program 3 Race 1 Tara (5/10), Gideon (3/8), Sazi (2/6)
Program 3 Race 2 Isis (5/11), Helios (3/10)
Program 3 Race 3 Teddy 8/21), Shadow (4/12) and Phoenix (4/12) tied
for second place, Djinn (0/8) DQ

*The SSOR is the Silken Senior Oval Racer intermediate title and the
SJOR is the Silken Junior Oval Racer intermediate title.

Earning a leg on the SSOR requires a dog to complete all three
programs successfully and finish in the top half of all racers who
also successfully completed the meet. It takes six legs to earn the

The SJOR requires a dog to complete all three programs successfully
with at least one other dog. It takes four legs to earn the SJOR.

Terri Campbell
Aigrette Silkens

Nu är även oval racing på programmet för Silkens i USA

ISWS, International Silken Windhound Society har ju redan straight racing och lure coursing, med egna klubbtitlar.

När det gäller straight racing så använder man samma regler som LGRA, Large Gazehound Racing Association.

För lure coursing gäller reglerna hos ASFA, American Sighthound Field Association.

Nu har det just beslutats att ett program för oval racing också startas. Som det ser ut så kommer första tävling att gå av stapeln redan nu i helgen i Kalifornien.
Reglerna för ISWS oval racing kommer att vara detsamma som för NOTRA, National Oval Track Racing Association.

I tillägg till racing, LC och oval racing som anordnas av ISWS så kan Silkens delta på s k meets hos en hel del andra racing-, LC-, och oval racingklubbar runtom i USA, så att tillfällena till träning och tävling finns på så många ställen som möjligt över USA. Som ju är ganska stort som bekant …