Nya införselregler till UK

Nu följer England med Irland och ändrar införselreglerna från 1 januari 2012.

Med de nya införselreglerna till UK så tas kravet på titertest bort. ID-märkning, pass o rabiesvaccination krävs, efter vaccinationen måste man vänta 21 dagar.
För att rabiesvaccinationer ska anses giltiga brukar de flesta länder kräva att valpen är minst 12 veckor vid vaccination. Lägg till 21 dagar och en valp på 15 veckor kan åka till England!

Nya regler för att skicka hund med flyg som frakt, till USA

The following info on the latest change on shipping dogs into the US
just hit the AKC’s doglaw page.

*Update: United States Live Animal Shipping Policy Changes*
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/ [Monday, February 23, 2009] /

A new directive regarding transporting live animals into/through the
United States has been put into effect by the Transportation Security
Administration (TSA). Effective February 1, 2009, the directive requires
that all animals, including dogs, coming into the United States booked
as manifest cargo must be tendered at their [foreign] origin airport by
a ”Regulated Agent” or ”IATA-Approved Agent”.

*Parties not affected include:*

* *People (breeders, owners, etc.) shipping their pets as cargo
within the US.*
* *People traveling with their pets as excess luggage or in-cabin
within the US.*
* *People traveling with their pets as excess luggage or in-cabin
into the US.*

Affected parties include:

* People shipping pets as cargo overseas/across the US border.
* Individuals living overseas who want to send their pets back to
the US as cargo.

These affected parties must now use the services of a
registered/licensed shipping/cargo/freight agent or broker. Such agents
are easy-to-find, as there are usually a number of them near major

As always, individuals flying with a dog into the US should check with
their airline to confirm its policies on live animals as excess baggage.

For more information, please contact AKC’s Government Relations
Department at (919) 816-3720, or e-mail